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Summer, 2017

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SOCCA 29th Annual Meeting Final Program

Developed by faculty across the nation, the updated SOCCA 2017 ICU Resident’s Guide, is a concise handbook of critical care topics residents need to know for their ICU rotation.

Adult Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Match


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Exceptions to the standard match process have been agreed upon by the ACCM Program Directors. Such exceptions allow an agreement to occur between an applicant and a program at the program director's discretion.

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* One or more of the following is required

I am in active military service at time of application
I am currently an anesthesiology resident at the same institution as the above fellowship program
I am making a commitment to come to the above institution for more than one year
I am enrolled in an anesthesiology residency outside of the USA at the time of this
I reside outside the USA at the time of this application and/or I am not eligible for ABA
certification due to non-US training
My spouse or partner is applying for a GME-approved post graduate training program
in a medical specialty in the same region as the above ACCM fellowship

* Required
* I confirm that the above program will be ranked #1 on my rank list with SF Match
* I confirm that I will not make an exception agreement with any other program
* I grant permission to SOCCA to include this exception agreement on a list of exception agreements published on the SOCCA website

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