Annual Meeting Preview: Doctoring and Social Media

Many of us grew up in an era prior to the rise of social media and the continuous 24/7 availability that technologies provide (or inflict) on us. As a Critical Care Anesthesiologist, I work to provide the best care to my patients and social media may provide me with an opportunity to learn about new research and to interact with my peers and peer researchers in a more rapid and effective manner. In this 60-minute panel of the 2019 SOCCA Annual Meeting and Critical Care Update, I will be moderating a discussion between Vivek Moitra, Sree Satyapriya and me, titled “Doctoring and Social Media”

In this panel:

Sheela Pai Cole, MD

Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, California

I will start with a discussion of termination and etiqueet on social media, including introductions to “tweets”, “retweets”, “hashtags” and other new and different ways to interact with the content on Social Media.

Vivek Moitra, MD

Columbia University Medical Center

Dr. Vivek Moitra will then describe critical care in social media, how to interpret what is posted to social media about critical care and how you can join social media conversations.

Sree V. Satyapriya, MD

The Ohio State University – Wexner Medical Center

Dr. Sree Satyapriya will then discuss whether social media, on a host of platforms, provides more of a distraction than benefit for Critical Care Anesthesiologists.