Committee on Membership Update

The Early Career Working Group has been working hard to put together some exciting content for this fall. First off will be our Job Seminar for Fellows on October 21 at 6pm EST. This webinar has been specially arranged for our members who have just started their fellowships and are starting to look for jobs and plan their careers. Please join us for what promises to be a lively discussion with your co-fellows from around the country. Our panelists will include department chairs, program directors, members in private practice, and recent fellowship graduates. We look forward to discussing important topics related to job searching, and giving everyone a chance to ask questions they might have. Register here.

We are also making significant progress in creating a mentorship program for SOCCA. We are currently working with the communications committee, the board, and our web designers to create an online platform that will recruit mentors. Interested mentees will be able to see a directory of seasoned anesthesiologist/intensivists who are interested in sharing their experiences and connecting with more junior members. They will then be able to self-select mentors, based on location and interests. In the near future, we will be reaching out to all SOCCA members to fulfill both mentor and mentee roles, and we hope to help create lasting relationships!


Suzanne Bennett, MD, FCCM
Chair, Membership Committee
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
Alisha Bhatia, MD
Vice-Chair, Membership Committee
Rush University
Chicago, Illinois