Category: Committee Reports

Education Committee Update
by Sheela Pai Cole, MD

The SOCCA Education Committee has undergone substantial changes in the past year. We have grown to become 12-person strong and we have developed clear directives, focusing on the SOCCA strategic goals. Coordinating a successful annual meeting remains the prime focus of the committee and planning for the next annual meeting (to be held in San Francisco) has already begun under the direction of Peter Von Homeyer MD, FASE, the annual program chair.

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Research Committee Update
by Robert D. Stevens, MD, FCCM

The SOCCA Research Committee has embarked on a strategic realignment intended to best serve the members of the Society and of the Anesthesiology Critical Care community, at large. The Research Committee has traditionally worked to aggregate and analyze data on Anesthesiology Critical Care practices and on SOCCA membership.

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Membership Committee
by Stephen D. Surgenor, MD and Carlee Clark, M.D.

The SOCCA Membership Committee would like to welcome all of our current members, as well as, new Critical Care Anesthesiology faculty and fellows to the 2019 academic year! Overall, our current membership remains strong. Maintaining a strong and engaged membership is important to the long-term health of SOCCA. We’ve been able to maintain this strong membership level because of you!

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