Volume 30 | Issue 1 | January 2019

President’s Message
by Daniel R. Brown, MD, PhD, FCCM

The New Year promises to be an exciting and productive time for SOCCA. The SOCCA Board of Directors held a strategic planning retreat in September 2018 to discuss the future of the organizations and review the information from the SOCCA membership survey. Thank you for your support and participation in the membership survey. We gained valuable insight and knowledge that helped shape our strategic plan conversation.

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‘Tis the (Flu) Season – Influenza Infection in Critically Ill Patients
by C. Patrick Henson, DO

As influenza season begins in the United States, we should reflect on the nature of the virus, pathological presentation and treatment considerations. Multiple types of influenza exist, with type A accounting for the most severe manifestations in humans and responsible for the major pandemic outbreaks, notably in 1918, 1957, 1968, and 2009. Types B and C also infect humans but result in a more typical seasonal infection.

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Open Repair of Massive Incisional Hernia with Loss of Domain
by Andrew Rivera-Hober, MD and Alessandro De Camilli, MD

Loss of domain is a situation in which the majority of the viscera are outside of the abdominal wall, as may occur with large hernias. In this report, we discuss the surgical approach to repair of the abdominal wall and reduction of the abdominal viscera, and we highlight the significant anesthetic challenges associated with these repairs.

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Navigating the Catastrophe: Mindfulness Is a Tool That Could Bring Us Closer to Happiness…A Personal Perspective
by Jordan Brand, MD

Burnout, as defined by a loss of enthusiasm for one’s work, a decline in work satisfaction, and an increase in emotional detachment and cynicism, is a growing concern in medicine. In Medscape’s National Physician Burnout and Depression Report 2018, a survey of over 15,000 physicians, 42% of all respondents reported feeling burned out, including 48% of intensivists (the highest rate among all specialties).

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“Did You See This?”
by John Antony Vullo, MD

Corticosteroids in Sepsis: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Rochwerg B, Oczkowski SJ, Siemieniuk RAC, et al. Crit Care Med. 2018;46(9):1411-1420. This review and meta-analysis sought to further elucidate the efficacy and safety of steroids in sepsis given newly published randomized controlled trials in this arena. The authors searched published and unpublished sources for randomized […]

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Call for Articles

If you have an interesting case report, an idea for a pro-con discussion, a review idea, or an opinion on a recently published article, please review the submission guidelines and submit your proposal/article to Vivian Abalama, CAE, IOM at vabalama@iars.org on or before May 24, 2019. If your article is chosen for the newsletter, we will contact you for editing and formatting.

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