The Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists

SOCCA Mentoring Program

SOCCA’s mission is to support the development of anesthesiologists who care for critically ill patients. Recognizing the key role of mentorship in development, SOCCA is thrilled to offer mentorship resources to its membership. Members at all levels of experience can connect with individuals who have elected to volunteer their time and expertise to help others learn and grow in their knowledge about clinical practice, administration, leadership, research, organizational volunteerism, and other domains. These bidirectional relationships are not only mutually beneficial but foster a robust spirit of community within the organization.


Members interested in serving as mentors are asked to self-identify those domains in which they would feel comfortable serving as a resource for other members. Your experience and efforts will directly enrich the personal and professional lives of our members and those whom they serve. Longitudinal mentoring relationships are valuable and rewarding means by which to share your knowledge with others in the discipline.

Should you have any questions, please contact the SOCCA office at


Members interested in connecting with mentors can access an online directory of interested individuals online. SOCCA hopes to facilitate both ad-hoc and durable mentoring relationships by connecting individuals within the field who share common interests.