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Welcome to the SOCCA volunteer community. SOCCA is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience. Organizations that are diverse are proven to be better organizations. SOCCA is committed to ensuring its volunteer leadership represents the diversity of its membership.

Please view the Volunteer Leadership Selection Criteria if you’re interested a future leadership volunteer position.

SOCCA committees are a great way to get involved and make a difference in the Critical Care Anesthesia community. As a member, you have an opportunity to:

  • Engage with other members and make an impact on issues in Critical Care Anesthesia
  • Collaborate and grow your  knowledge and skills to support professional development
  • Network with other SOCCA members

Each committee is tasked with assisting the SOCCA Board of Directors in meeting the strategic goals and objects set by the Board. The strategic goals are:

Goal 1: Sustain and grow membership
Goal 2: Foster and promote member engagement and contributions
Goal 3:  Develop an active research section

Get Involved

Find out what each committee is responsible for:

Clinical Practice Committee

The NEW SOCCA Clinical Practice Committee will coordinate all clinical practice activities within SOCCA. The following subcommittees will be formed with members of the committee:

  • CTICU & SCA Subcommittee & Work Group
  • Mechanical Circulatory Support/ECMO Subcommittee & Work Group
  • Neuro Critical Care & SNACC Subcommittee & Work Group
  • CCM Division/Section Head/Vice Chair & Work Group
  • Quality and Safety Subcommittee & Work Group
Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for the development and distribution of the SOCCA Interchange quarterly newsletter. Develop a comprehensive social media strategy to communicate industry news timely and effectively to SOCCA members. Lead discussions on SOCCA social media platforms and post relevant industry news and articles for the SOCCA community.

Education Committee

The Education Committee plan and supervise the Educational & Scientific content of the SOCCA Annual Meeting. Collaborate with the ASA CCM track committee to assist with planning and content of the ASA CCM track and engage in exchange with other societies by organizing and hosting joint panels at their meetings.

Identify and create professional development tools and resources for SOCCA Members to engage them in improving their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness as a Critical Care Anesthesiologist.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee will be representative of all aspects of the SOCCA membership. The committee will serve as the communication avenue between SOCCCA Leadership and its membership. Committee members will recognize and address the diverse professional needs of SOCCA members, while upholding the values of SOCCA as the professional home for anesthesiologists providing critical care services.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee provides recommendations to the Board of Directors for potential Directors and officers of the Corporation. The immediate Past President shall serve as the Chair of the Nominating Committee. Other members of the Nominating Committee do not have to be current or former directors, officers, or committee members.

Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible for identifying opportunities for SOCCA to facilitate critical care research by SOCCA members, recommend and triage initiatives and opportunities focusing on critical care research to the SOCCA board, and triage requests for SOCCA mailing list. The Research Committee may also advise the SOCCA president on SOCCA recommendations for the AUA/IARS/SOCCA IMPACT Award.


SOCCA Committee, Board of Director, and Executive Committee nominations are currently closed. The SOCCA Call for Volunteers typically begins on or around November 1 through December 31. Should you require further information, please contact the SOCCA office at