Committee on Education

The Education Committee plan and supervise the Educational & Scientific content of the SOCCA Annual Meeting. Collaborate with the ASA CCM track committee to assist with planning and content of the ASA CCM track and engage in exchange with other societies by organizing and hosting joint panels at their meetings.

Identify and create professional development tools and resources for SOCCA Members to engage them in improving their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness as a Critical Care Anesthesiologist.

Sheela Pai Cole, MD

Chair, Committee on Education & Annual Meeting Past Chair

Peter Von Homeyer, M., FASE

Annual Meeting Chair

Ashish Khanna, MD, FCCP

Annual Meeting Vice Chair

Shahzad Shaefi, MP MPH

SCA Liaison

Talia Ben-Jacob, MD
Allison Dalto, MD
Ranjit Deshpandhe, MD
Murtaza Diwan, MD
Aalok Kacha, MD, PhD
Kunal Karamchandani, MD
Javier Lorenzo, MD
Sharon McCartney, MD
Veena Satyapriya, MD
Kevin Thornton, MD
Brian Wessmen, MD