The Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists (SOCCA) is the sole organization dedicated to the continuation of the role of anesthesiologists in providing critical care services. You do not have to be an intensivist to benefit from membership in this organization. Critical care practices are utilized in the post anesthesia care unit, intermediate care unit, emergency department/trauma center as well as the intensive care unit. Practitioners with clinical caseloads that are dominated by cardiac, neurosurgical, and transplant procedures may be frequently involved in the daily perioperative care of critically ill patients. Patients in all of these care areas may require aggressive monitoring and state of the art perioperative care. The continued enhancement of critical care services throughout the perioperative period is a founding goal of SOCCA.

  • SOCCA is an educational organization that fosters the role of anesthesiologists as perioperative specialists and provides for continuing education and interchange of ideas
  • The Society provides representation for the practice of critical care medicine in the ASA House of Delegates
  • SOCCA provides input to the ASA and Society of Critical Care Medicine on key issues related to their advocacy for patient care and reimbursement
Benefits of Membership
  • Discounted pricing for the SOCCA Annual Meeting a forum for the specialist with broad-based interests, including respiratory therapy, postoperative cardiac surgical, neurological and transplant management, and trauma care
  • Discounted membership in the IARS, which includes access to two peer-reviewed journals-Anesthesia & Analgesia and A&A Practice, free journal CME, and eligibility to apply for IARS research grants
  • Free ICU Resident’s Guide
  • Free quarterly newsletter Interchange, which covers ethically controversial issues, survey of practice patterns, and historical aspects of anesthesiology
Membership Levels

Active Member
$160.00 / year
Active members shall be physicians who should be members of the ASA and have an interest in critical care medicine. Each Active member shall have one vote on any matter on which Active members are entitled to vote by law or that is submitted to a vote of the membership, and shall enjoy all rights and privileges of membership.

Affiliate Member
$110.00 / year
Affiliate members shall be physicians or scientists who are active in training programs or research relating to critical care medicine, but who do not fulfill the definition of Active member.

Educational Members
$25.00 / year
Educational members shall be residents or fellows in full-time training in an accredited school of medicine in the United States or abroad.

Medical Student Members
Complimentary Membership
Medical Student members shall be individuals in full-time training in an accredited school of medicine in the United States or abroad.

Retired Members
Complimentary Membership
Retired members shall be individuals who have been Active members of the Society for ten (10) or more years and have completely retired from professional practice.

Affiliate, Educational, Medical Students and Retired members shall have all rights and privileges of Active members, except that they may not vote, attend corporate business meetings (including, without limitation, the Annual Business Meeting) except by invitation, or serve as an officer or a director of the Corporation. Such members may serve on committees if requested by the Board of Directors.

Membership Process

SOCCA membership does not require formal sponsorship and can be applied for online.