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Category: DEI

Journal Article Critique
by Ahmed Zaky, MD, MPH, MBA, MHQHS, CMQ, FASA

Implementing Pathways to Anesthesiology: Promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Success. O’Conor et al. International Anesthesiology Clinics (2023) 61:1.


An interesting review article that is relevant to our field. The article touches on what we constantly encounter: a gap between equality and equity for anesthesiologists from underrepresented minorities in Medicine (URiM). While there are “advertised” equal opportunities for anesthesiologists hired at different stages of their careers, there remains a gap between what is advertised as equality and what is actually exercised of equity.

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Let Awareness Grow: Share Your DEI Stories
by Gozde Demiralp, MD

We are no longer in a world where—as current or future leaders of our respective medical communities—we can remain impartial to discrimination. Workplace mistreatment, discrimination, and microaggressions can limit access to resources and opportunities for growth. It can fuel persistent disparities experienced by caregivers and patients belonging to marginalized communities. As leaders we can’t not see, not hear or not act on inequalities.

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