The Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists

Communications Committee Update

Our committee has experienced a dynamic year, marked by significant accomplishments. In September 2023, we released one of our largest issues to commemorate Women in Medicine Month, featuring insightful contributions from several of our dedicated members. The response was exceptional, reflecting our commitment to celebrating diversity and excellence in our field.

Our online presence has flourished, with the website garnering 37,417 page views from January to June 2023. The quarterly newsletter, a testament to our members' expertise, not only sustained but also fueled an uptick in website visits, underscoring the growing interest in our members' contributions to the SOCCA Interchange.

Under the leadership of Dr. Liang Shen, our social media Sub-Committee and its team of volunteers have actively engaged the community. Notably, our X (formerly Twitter) following has seen a commendable increase, growing from 3,175 in 2022 to a current count of 3,770. The ever-evolving landscape of social media has prompted us to strategize for future expansion. We aspire to diversify our social media presence to reach a broader audience and connect with members across various platforms.

In this edition of the Interchange, our focus is on updates from the SOCCA Committees. The President's message sheds light on upcoming changes in the SOCCA management company, while Drs. Dalton and Karamchandani discuss the expansion of the SOCCA Annual meeting format in their comprehensive report.

We extend an invitation to our members to contribute actively to the SOCCA community. The Call for Volunteers is open until December 31, and we hope you consider becoming a member of the Communications Committee. This presents a unique opportunity for members to delve into the inner workings of our newsletter, boost awareness of SOCCA activities through social media, and expand their professional influence. Those interested are encouraged to submit their information to Vivian Abalama, IOM, CAE at Your participation is invaluable to the continued success of SOCCA, and we look forward to welcoming new voices and perspectives.


Madiha Syed, MD
Chair, SOCCA Communications Committee
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, Ohio