Editor’s Message

It is my pleasure to take the helm of editing Interchange, but I must first acknowledge the antecedent efforts of Kevin Hatton. Kevin advanced the content, consistency, and formatting of the newsletter while also soliciting contributions both from the Society’s leadership and membership, alike. It will certainly be my goal to maintain forward momentum in these areas. While recently preparing a manuscript concerning shared historical perspective between the aerospace industry and anesthesiology, I came to appreciate the importance of trade publications as a means by which to longitudinally track the thoughts, perceptions, and concerns of professional societies over time. These publications are therefore not only timely and valuable for a professional society’s membership but also serve as something of a historical record.

To that end, examining the content of Interchange over the years speaks to how certain concerns have come and gone while others have proved to be more enduring. In the present issue, we touch on issues pertaining to ethics, mechanical ventilation, physician wellness, and graduate medical education. Perspectives on these issues have changed over time, and it is therein that Interchange stands as an important roadmap to the development of our subspecialty. As an example, the current issue also explores opportunities and challenges in our fellowship match program, and associated predictions will surely be later subject to the critical lens of retrospection.

More broadly, the SOCCA Communications Committee stands ready to help disseminate information from the Society’s leadership structure and both promote and recognize member activities. Content in Interchange, in order to be truly reflective of our varied interests and priorities, must remain timely, originate from a broad swath of the membership, and speak to issues we find important. Contributions from across the anesthesiology critical care medicine landscape are, therefore, most welcome.


Craig S. Jabaley, MD
Chair, SOCCA Communications Committee
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia