Editor’s Message

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this issue of Interchange is devoted to COVID-19. As a professional society comprised of critical care anesthesiologists, SOCCA members have responded in numerous ways to the unfolding pandemic: clinical care at the bedside, reconfiguring perioperative spaces, leading surge responses at all levels, developing clinical and operational guidance at the national level, and remaining at the forefront of investigative efforts. In the meantime, the critical care fellowship match cycle has drawn to a close, and those of us in academic settings are both celebrating our departing trainees while preparing for the influx of new faces.

Accordingly, features in this issue include epidemiologic insights into the future of the pandemic, practical tips for those of us doing unexpected telework, a summary of the American Board of Anesthesiology’s response, and spotlighting a few of the myriad accomplishments of SOCCA members. We hope to continue featuring content that expounds upon the aforementioned themes over the coming weeks to months.

The SOCCA Communications Committee, which collaborates with member contributors to draft Interchange, remains committed to ensuring that SOCCA delivers valuable, relevant, and timely content to the membership. In pursuit of those goals, our workflow for releasing member-generated and other SOCCA-specific content is changing. More frequent and more regular content will appear on the SOCCA website’s Interchange blog with promotion via social media outlets and then quarterly aggregation into our traditional newsletter format. As always, please do reach out if you would like to contribute!


Craig S. Jabaley, MD
Communications Committee Chair
Interchange Editor
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia