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SOCCA Early Career Intensivists – Dr. Maccioli’s 12 Rules of Negotiation

The SOCCA Early Career Intensivists group welcomed Dr. Gerald Maccioli this past November to learn about contract negotiations. Dr. Maccioli is an accomplished anesthesiologist with multiple leadership roles throughout his career, including being the former President of SOCCA and Chair of the ASA section on education and research. He is currently the Vice President of Medical Affairs for the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, CMO and Board Advisor of Quick’rCare, CMO of Care Angel, and CMO of Moterum.

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Early Career Intensivists: Bridging the Gap between Training and Practice for SOCCA Members
by Margo Hoyler, MD

The transition between clinical training to independent practice is notoriously challenging. The goal of the SOCCA Early Career Intensivist (ECI) working group is to help support members through this progression. Founded in 2021, the ECI provides junior members with resources and content tailored to their concerns and interests. “The purpose of the group,” says Chair, Dr. Alisha Sachdev, “is to engage all SOCCA members in the first ten years of their careers with specific programming to meet their needs early on.”

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