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Perspectives on Pursuing an Anesthesiology Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine
by Beth M. Teegarden, MD, FASA, Ernesto Lopez Valencia, MD, PhD, and Lindsay D. Nowak, MD

It is an exciting time to pursue an anesthesiology fellowship in critical care medicine (CCM). As we emerge from COVID-19, there is a renewed energy for scientific investigations, making connections, and integrating wellness strategies to mitigate burnout. Technological advances in hemodynamic monitoring, the use of artificial intelligence or data analytics, and application of novel biomarkers are all captivating areas of investigation. Moreover, the integration of bedside point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) continues to grow and offers opportunities to be at the forefront of clinical care. If you’ve had a chance to attend recent regional or national anesthesiology or CCM meetings, you have likely noticed expanded opportunities to network and for mentorship at all stages of training. There has been a palpable energy around these connections and a desire to collaborate. It has been a real pleasure to connect with former colleagues, meet new friends and learn from a diverse collection of experts in the field.  

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